Dare, Engage, Discover

Passion Play Happy Now? Rough Crossing
Lydia Notes from Underground Death of a Salesman

Welcome to Yale Repertory Theatre’s 2008-2009 Season!

We are honored to bring these plays into the community, and to share with you the range of imagination and human experience being brought to life by the extraordinary artists who will join us next year.

The life you will see onstage mirrors complicated personal and societal forces that confront us as global citizens—faith, doubt, hope, despair, love and anger, to name just a few. In this tapestry of stories traversing centuries, oceans, borders, media and cultures, the sure things are these: that our prejudices will be challenged in vivid arguments; that all of us will take the thrilling collective risk of devoting our full attention to the comic and tragic poetry of the theatre for a few hours; and that Yale Rep will continue to serve ice cream at intermission!

I love these plays for their humor and soul and variety—they are six promises of memorable artistry, chosen in a spirit of partnership with you, our audience. You consistently remind us that the combination of important classic stories and bold new works is a vital and thriving legacy at Yale Rep, and we dearly look forward to seeing you in the theatre this fall.

Why? First of all, because it’s fun: more importantly, because your presence contributes to, and changes, our work. Artists who work at Yale Rep crave the intelligence and passion that you bring to the theatre. You shape the context and the contours of each performance by the way you hear and see the play, and your responses, personal and communal, are precious to us. So, please, reserve your seats today.

Sincerely yours,

James Bundy
Artistic Director


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