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Who We Are

Yale Repertory TheatreYale Repertory Theatre, the internationally celebrated professional theatre in residence at Yale School of Drama, has championed new work since 1966, producing well over 100 premieres—including two Pulitzer Prize winners and four other nominated finalists—by emerging and established playwrights. Twelve Yale Rep productions have advanced to Broadway, garnering more than 40 Tony Award nominations and eight Tony Awards. Yale Rep is also the recipient of the Tony Award for Outstanding Regional Theatre. Established in 2008, Yale’s Binger Center for New Theatre has distinguished itself as one of the nation’s most robust and innovative new play programs. To date, the Binger Center has supported the work of more than 50 commissioned artists and underwritten the world premieres and subsequent productions of 24 new American plays and musicals at Yale Rep and theatres across the country.

Yale Repertory Theatre Staff

James Bundy, Artistic Director

Victoria Nolan, Managing Director

Jennifer Kiger, Associate Artistic Director, Director of New Play Programs


Resident Artists

Paula Vogel, Playwright in Residence

Liz Diamond, Evan Yionoulis, Resident Directors

Catherine Sheehy, Resident Dramaturg

Michael Yeargan, Set Design Advisor, Resident Set Designer

Ilona Somogyi, Costume Design Advisor

Jess Goldstein, Resident Costume Designer

Jennifer Tipton, Lighting Design Advisor

Stephen Strawbridge, Resident Lighting Designer

David Budries, Sound Design Advisor

Walton Wilson, Voice and Speech Advisor

Rick Sordelet, Fight Advisor

Mary Hunter, Stage Management Advisor

Associate Artists

52nd Street Project

Kama Ginkas

Mark Lamos

MTYZ Theatre/Moscow

New Generations Theatre

Bill Rauch

Sarah Ruhl

Henrietta Yanovskaya

Artistic Management

James Mountcastle, Production Stage Manager

Amy Boratko, Literary Manager

Kay Perdue Meadows, Artistic Associate

Jocelyn Prince, Artistic Coordinator

Rachel Carpman, Literary Associate

Tara Rubin, CSA; Lindsay Levine, CSA; Laura Schutzel, CSA; Kaitlin Shaw, CSA; Merri Sugarman, CSA; Eric Woodall, CSA; Claire Burke; Felicia Rudolph, Casting

Josie Brown, Senior Administrative Assistant to the Artistic Director and Associate Artistic Director

Laurie Coppola, Senior Administrative Assistant for the Directing, Dramaturgy and Dramatic Criticism, Playwriting, and Stage Management Departments

Kate Begley Baker, Senior Administrative Assistant for the Design and Sound Design Departments

Lindsay King, Library Services


Production Management

Bronislaw J. Sammler, Head of Production

Jonathan Reed, Production Manager

C. Nikki Mills, Associate Head of Production and Student Labor Supervisor

Grace O’Brien, Senior Administrative Assistant to the Production and Theater Safety and Occupational Health Departments 


Neil Mulligan, Matt Welander, Technical Directors

Alan Hendrickson, Electro Mechanical Laboratory Supervisor

Eric Sparks, Shop Foreman

Matt Gaffney, Ryan Gardner, Sharon Reinhart, Master Shop Carpenters

Alex McNamara, Shop Carpenter

Trent Davis, Interim Shop Carpenter

Bryanna Kim, Brian Pacelli, Assistants to the Technical Directors 


Ru-Jun Wang, Scenic Charge

Lia Akkerhuis, Nathan Jasunas, Scenic Artists

Olga Tyurikova, Assistant to the Painting Supervisor


Jennifer McClure, Properties Master

David P. Schrader, Properties Craftsperson

Ashley Flowers, Properties Assistant

Bill Batschelet, Properties Stock Manager

Logan Baker, Michael Schermann, Assistants to the Properties Master


Tom McAlister, Costume Shop Manager

Harry Johnson, Clarissa Wylie Youngberg, Mary Zihal, Senior Drapers

Deborah Bloch, Patricia Van Horn, Senior First Hands

Linda Kelley-Dodd, Costume Project Coordinator

Denise O’Brien, Wig and Hair Design

Barbara Bodine, Company Hairdresser

Elizabeth Beale, Costume Stock Manager

Jamie Farkas, Rachel Gregory, Assistants to the Costume Shop Manager


Donald W. Titus, Lighting Supervisor

Jennifer Carlson, Linda-Cristal Young, Senior Head Electricians


Mike Backhaus, Sound Supervisor

Stephanie Smith, Staff Sound Engineer

Roxy Jia, Haley Wolf, Assistants to the Sound Supervisor


Erich Bolton, Projection Supervisor

Mike Paddock, Head Projection Technician

Stage Operations

Janet Cunningham, Stage Carpenter

Elizabeth Bolster, Wardrobe Supervisor

Jacob Riley, FOH Mix Engineer

Mark Bailey, Light Board Programmer


General Management

Flo Low, Gretchen Wright, Associate Managing Directors

Melissa Rose, Sylvia Xiaomeng Zhang, Assistant Managing Director

Emalie Mayo, Senior Administrative Assistant to the Managing Director

Laura Cornwall, Lisa D. Richardson, Leandro A. Zaneti, Management Assistants

Al Heartley, Company Manager

Caitlin Crombleholme, Lisa D. Richardson,  Assistant Company Managers

Development and Alumni Affairs

Deborah S. Berman, Director of Development and Alumni Affairs

Janice Muirhead, Senior Associate Director of Institutional Giving

Susan C. Clark, Senior Associate Director of Operations for Development and Alumni Affairs

Joanna Romberg, Senior Associate Director of Annual Giving and Special Projects

Chiara Klein, Associate Director of Development and Alumni Affairs

Jennifer E. Alzona, Senior Administrative Assistant to Development and Marketing & Communications

Alice Kenney, Development Associate

Rebecca Hampe, Development Assistant

Finance and Human Resources

Katherine D. Burgueño, Director of Finance and Human Resources

Erin Ethier, Business Manager

Janna J. Ellis, Director, Yale Tessitura Consortium

Chris Fuller, Preston Mock, Business Office Specialists

Shainn Reaves, Senior Administrative Assistant to Business Office, Digital Technology, Operations, and Tessitura

Susan Ireland, Ashlie Russell, Business Office Assistants

Marketing, Communications, and Audience Services

Daniel Cress, Director of Marketing

Steven Padla, Director of Communications

Caitlin Griffin, Senior Associate Director of Marketing and Communications

Emily Reeder, Associate Director of Marketing and Communications

Marguerite Elliott, Publications Manager

Jaime Totti, Malenky Welsh, Marketing and Communications Assistants

Laura Kirk, Director of Audience Services

Shane Quinn, Assistant Director of Audience Services

Tracy Baldini, Subscriptions Coordinator

Roger-Paul Snell, Audience Services Assistant

Alexandra Cadena, Sara Cho, Jordan Graf, Nicolette Mántica, Kenneth Murray, Alexis Payne, Tarleton Watkins, Box Office Assistants

Erika Anclade, Tracy Bennett, Tasha Boyer, Rachel Brodwin, Denyse Burke, Kerry Burke-McCloud, Billy Cavell, Sabrina Clevenger, Cara Correll, Paige Cunningham, Damron, Daniel Diaz-Vita, Adam D’Sa, Rebecca Hampe, Hannah Herzog, Jamie Inwood, Michaela Johnson, Shawn Luciani, Bonnie Moeller, Monica Traniello, Elizabeth Wiet, Cate Worthington, Larsson Youngberg, Ushers

Paul Evan Jeffrey, Art and Design

Joan Marcus, Production Photographer

David Kane, Videography


Diane Galt, Director of Facility Operations

Nadir Balan, Operations Associate

Jennifer Draughn, Arts and Graduate Studies Superintendent

Sherry Stanley, Team Leader

Michael Humbert, Facility Steward

Donell DiGioia, Ty Frost, Kathy Langston, Mark Roy, Jerome Sonia, Custodians

Digital Technology

Chris Kilbourne, Director of Digital Technology

Luis Serrano, Web and Email Services Associate

Don Harvey, Ron Rode, Ben Silvert, Database Application Consultants

Theater Safety and Occupational Health

William J. Reynolds, Director of Theater Safety and Occupational Health

Jacob Thompson, Security Officer

Ed Jooss, Audience Safety Officer

Kevin Delaney, John Marquez, Customer Service and Safety Officers