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Cadillac Crew

April 26–May 18, 2019

By Tori Sampson
Directed by Jesse Rasmussen and Tori Sampson

Yale Repertory Theatre, 1120 Chapel Street


On the day of a much anticipated speech by Rosa Parks during the height of the Civil Rights Movement, four activists working in a Virginia civil rights office wonder whether the proclamation of equality amongst mankind includes women. With remarkable insight and unexpected humor, Cadillac Crew reclaims the stories of the forgotten leaders who blazed the trail for desegregation and women’s rights and asks: when will the world be ready to embrace women in all their capacity?

Cadillac Crew Video 1

Take a look at the world of Cadillac Crew!

Cadillac Crew Video 2

The cast of Cadillac Crew chat about the importance of storytelling and representation in conveying black history.

Cadillac Crew Video 3

The cast of Cadillac Crew discuss the passion and love that goes into working on this play and sharing women's legacy throughout history.

Cadillac Crew Video 4

Tori Sampson talks about what motivates her as an artist, activist, and observer of history.

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